About Us

Hi, we are (Haley, Gretchen, Olivia, Lillie, Mara, Alex) from troop 2838 in Dallas, Texas in Service Unit 142. Most of us have been together in this troop since First Grade. Even though we’re all at different schools now we’ve stuck together and bonded over the values and experiences we share as Girl Scouts.

Some of our favorite memories as Girl Scouts are building campfires on the sand and orienteering on campouts and singing Christmas carols when we were really little. We love getting new skills like First Aid that we can use to help others. We wanted a really great project for our Silver award.

The inspiration for our project came as we spent a few months researching and brainstorming for good project ideas. First, for inspiration, we found ourselves wishing we had an easy handbook to read through some of the great projects scouts around the world had done. Second, we realized that boys doing similar community projects seem to get consistently more awareness for their work. As an example, after a quick poll we found that many grown-ups had seen “Eagle Scout” listed more frequently and prominently on resumes than their female counterparts, and even had bumper stickers on their cars.

We believe in gender equality. We are so happy people recognize the value of Boy Scouts/Eagle Scouts. Our hope is that this project helps bring awareness to all the great things Girl Scouts and girls are doing for their communities and in the wider world.

We hope this is a project that will live for many years, . Whether you found this site to savor all the good work being done by girls or whether you ARE a Girl Scout with a project to contribute, we are grateful you have found this!